preggofetish: Amanda knew what the boys at he…


Amanda knew what the boys at her school liked. Considering almost 90% of the girls graduated with at least one baby, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that pregnancy was in! Thankfully, Amanda was as fertile as they come, and was currently waddling around, swollen with her first pregnancy. She was keeping the exact number of babies a surprise, but one look at her five month bump would tell you that she needed to stock up on cribs and car seats. No matter, she was loving every change and swell to her body, and every inch gained around was a reason to celebrate. Her parents couldn’t be prouder of their knocked up daughter, and she would savor their approval, waddling around the house in just her bra and panties, and sometimes less than even that! What Amanda was focused on this minute was finding a boy to come over and fuck her brains out, her little pregnant pussy demanding some attention. She had built up quite the reputation as one of the best lays around, so she was certain she’d have boys beating down her door in no time.

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