preggofetish: Farm living was the life for he…


Farm living was the life for her! Audrey had grown up a country girl, with a bit of a wild side. She would get her farm chores done, sure, but she knew how to have a good time and was always the life of the party. As the 11th of 16 children (13 girls), she had grown up just assuming that bigger families were the norm, that was the natural way of things. The truth was, though, that she had been born as the daughter of two pregnancy lovers, a love that she had gleefully inherited. Aubrey, honestly, had dropped out of school once she first got herself pregnant, and was now spending her days working on the farm, cooking, cleaning, and tending to all the children running around. Aubrey finished brushing the last horse, and stood up with a big grunt, her massive belly throwing off her center of gravity. It wasn’t long after she gave birth that she would be desperate to get another fertile man to impregnate her again. It could be hard to find the privacy for so much sex in a farm like this, but no one ever seemed to mind the happy moans and orgasmic yells. She began her waddle back to the house, knowing she better help get dinner started. After all, 8 of the girls were expecting, so there were plenty of big bellies to feed around the homestead! Being pregnant and being the best mommy to all her babies she could, that was the proud life of this glowing redneck diva.

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