preggofetish: “I guess cheer season is on hol…


“I guess cheer season is on hold, huh?” Kaitlynn said, barely suppressing a giggle as she rubbed her hand up and down her firm, swollen stomach. As one of the only underclass men who had been on the varsity cheerleading team, Kaitlynn’s life had been a whirlwind of popularity, parties, and attention. All too welcome had been a ton of attention from older boys, who were driven crazy by her tight outfits and flirty nature. It didn’t take long before Kaitlynn was stuffing their big bucking cocks deep inside her, letting them spray her unprotected womb with their cum. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on when her pants wouldn’t button and her bras were too tight; cheery little Kaitlynn was expecting, and judging by the belly she was showing after only her first trimester, she was carrying around multiples, proof of how fertile she was and how much she had been fucking. While most girls would cover their bellies up with baggy clothes and such, Kaitlynn was proudly on display! “What, cover this big thing? Fat chance, the way I’m growing! Heck, in a few months I doubt I’ll even have anything that can cover up. I’m young, sexy, and pregnant. Why in the world wouldn’t I show off?”

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