preggofetish: I had worked hard to rise to th…


I had worked hard to rise to the top of the business world, with this goddess as my muse. She had supported my crazy schedule and work for years, and finally, when I was the mogul who was pulling in a paycheck that would rival anyone’s, I asked her what she wanted. Her answer was simple; “babies. Tons and tons of babies!” What my muse wanted, she got. I set us up with the best fertility doctors, and with a little investment she was soon pregnant and getting huge with our quadruplets, four perfect babies. I gave her servants to cook big, luscious meals for every little craving, maids to help her dress and waddle around our palatial manor, and access to any and everything she’d ever want. She had turned from my muse to a true maternity goddess, and she loved expressing her appreciation physically. It was almost unheard of for her to fully cover her body, proud of how big her belly was getting, and I could only agree. What excited me most, though, was her plans to turn our dozens of extra rooms into children’s bedrooms. She was making it clear, my job was to bring home the money, her job was to be my baby factory.

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