preggofetish: It had taken a while, but Miche…


It had taken a while, but Michelle finally felt ready for her photo shoot. She was a single model in New York City, and a mix-up at her pharmacy had left her with fertility meds rather than birth control pills. Apparently this was a real epidemic, plenty of girls in the Northeast US were swelling up with big, unexpected litters of babies. Michelle was sitting back and rubbing all around her fast-growing bump, steadying her breathing. Five, count them five, fresh lives were calling her womb home, and she could feel herself growing daily. She had gone out and found herself a lucrative modeling contract with a pregnancy fetish site, a place where a big-bellied girl like her would be treated like the goddess she felt like. For a hefty sum of money, she would take weekly photo shoots, letting people adore and admire her fertile frame. Here she was, beaming with pride and ready to go do her first shoot! Her contract never called for sex or even nudity, but Michelle could tell from the dampness in her panties that she’d be stripping down on camera by the end of the day.

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