preggofetish: Jinkies! Velma sure had done it…


Jinkies! Velma sure had done it now. She had hoped no one else in the gang would find out how she had been sneaking off during the mysteries to satisfy her carnal desires, but with a swelling belly, she knew eventually everyone would know. I mean, they were detectives, right? Deep down, she didn’t mind. She was actually relieved that people would finally see her as the hot, sexual woman that she was, rather than the prude next to the bimbo Daphne. She wondered how Fred and Shaggy would react, I mean, after all, they had both fucked her their fair share of times and left her dripping with their cum. Well, nothing to do now but strut around hugely pregnant and proud, letting everyone ogle her fertile body as she waddled round looking for clues and suspects.

(These pics belong to @moniqalefevre who is an amazing beauty. Everyone, feel free to submit or kik me some pregnant pics for captioning!)