preggofetish: “Just breathe,” she thought, co…


“Just breathe,” she thought, coming home. “He’ll be home soon.” She was ecstatic, having just come home from the doctor. Now she had to play the excruciating waiting game for her husband to return home. She could barely believe that when they had decided to start a family, she ended up pregnant almost immediately. Then she had to deal with growing so big, so fast, looking full term in a matter of months! Sure enough, the ultrasound today had shown six healthy heartbeats, and she couldn’t be happier, or prouder, to be so massively, hugely, incredibly pregnant. As one hand trailed along her swelling belly, she swore she could almost feel herself growing, as she imagined the kind of growth the next few months would see. “I suppose we’ll need a few more cribs!” She said out loud, her fertile joy beginning to radiate from her in waves. “And I suppose that man of mine has deserved a very special kind of thank you for knocking me up so well, just like I asked.”