preggofetish: Madison had grown up without a …


Madison had grown up without a whole lot, and was determined to change all that. She wracked her bran to find a good way to make good money, before it finally occurred to her; people would pay big bucks for big, healthy babies! Her mom had done a surrogate pregnancy when she was little, so it didn’t take much for her to hunt down that same doctor and beg him for the chance. He finally relented after some time (and a nice hot fuck that left her face and boobs splattered with his cum), and the contract was set; Madison would carry babies for a few couples at once, to maximize her payday. What she didn’t expect, though, was how much she would love her pregnancy! What started as a business decision was quickly turning into a passion, as she appreicated her new curves and glow. Every morning she would spend some time looking over her swollen body, lotioning and rubbing and cooing. She smiled to herself as she realized the intense sexual freedom she had felt, letting herself feel free to sleep around as she grew more and more gravid. Quadruplets sure was a lot for her young frame, but Madison already knew, she was a professional surrogate, a pro-preggo, for life.