preggofetish: “Party time!” She captioned her…


“Party time!” She captioned her new Instagram post, ready to head out for the night. A tight, sexy club dress, a ringless hand rubbing it constantly, teased hair, slightly slutty make-up, and the highest heels she could manage to waddle in. She was certain that everyone in the club would know that, even though she was big and round with a baby belly, she was here to have fun and bring home a guy…or two. She was almost salivating with anticipation at the judgmental look she’d get from the doorman, from the club patrons, even a few of her girlfriends. Even more, she couldn’t wait for the inevitable question from strangers of how long until she popped, when she’d get to tell them in a fun little whisper, “a whole three months until these buns are done in the oven”, and watch their eyes bug at how fertile she must be.


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