preggofetish: Phew, young little Amy was tire…


Phew, young little Amy was tired! Well, not so little anymore, not now while she’s just starting her third trimester full of babies. Amy had met a wealthy man and fallen in love, and from the moment he first slid his long, thick cock inside her, she knew she would carry his babies for years, she was meant to be his sexy baby factory. Sure enough, it wasn’t long until she was excitedly announcing her pregnancy, and not long after that that she found out he had fucked three big babies into her. She would rest, cook, clean, and focus on having the healthiest pregnancy possible. It was nearly impossible to find her fully dressed, and without a snack of some kind in her hand. More than anything, though, she loved teasing and seducing and pleasuring her babies’ daddy, knowing that she owed him so dearly for making this fantasy a reality. Any time he wanted, he could fuck her wet pussy, moaning mouth, or tight ass. Today, with a fresh load in her panties, she waddled around the mansion, admiring all the bedrooms she would be filling with children for years and years to come. As she passed a mirror, she rubbed her tummy and blew herself a kiss, before making her way to her role playing closet, taking time to decide if she should meet her man at the door as a pregnant French maid or a knocked up catholic schoolgirl.

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