preggofetish: She smiled as she welcomed me h…


She smiled as she welcomed me home from a long day at work. “Relax, baby, you’ve earned it.” Me and my girlfriend were only a few months into a beautiful experiment. She’d always known I held a deep love for pregnant women, and even though we weren’t ready for kids, she loved to tease me. A few months ago, though, she offered the ultimate tease, telling me how she had gone to a surrogacy agency, and signed up to carry babies for a couple! She was carrying triplets, and getting paid to do it! Her belly swelled, her breasts grew, and she only got happier and happier as her figure and body became more and more pregnant every day. As she began to cuddle up to me on the couch, she rubbed her body up and down, cooing “You know, baby, I got a call from the agency today, about my next pregnancy. They said since I am doing so well with three, why not try five or six next time? Would you like that baby? I thought so, now show me all night how much you love your pregnant girlfriend’s hot pregnant body. Play your cards right, and I’ll be pregnant for years and years to come!”

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