preggofetish: “Time to make it official, y’al…


“Time to make it official, y’all,” Amber started her Facebook post, “you guessed it…I’m pregnant!!!” She was tired of hiding her belly with sucking in and wearing baggy clothes, and now that spring and summer were just around the corner, she was taking the plunge and letting the world know she was knocked up. “To answer some questions that I know y’all are gonna have, I’m about ten weeks along, and my doctor says I got four buns in my oven <3 <3 <3 <3 I don’t know 100% who my babies’ daddy is, but I’ll figure all that out later.” Amber knew that most communities would be kind of wary about such a fertile young girl who was proudly knocked up, but here it was almost unheard of for a girl to even graduate high school without a crib (or several) next to her bed. “So now,” she finished the post, “who wants to take a preggo out for a date? Not like I can get more knocked up… ;)”