preggofetish: “Well, what do you think?”, Vic…


“Well, what do you think?”, Victoria asked her girlfriends. “Do I look ready for my date?” Victoria was surprised at how nervous she was for this! Her friends had set her up on a blind date tonight with a really cute guy, and she was eager to impress. What this guy didn’t know, though, was that Victoria was six months pregnant with triplets! She couldn’t stop worrying that he wouldn’t want to be seen with a fertile, waddling baby maker like herself. As she rubbed her bump, she smiled softly, knowing her natural fertility combined with her allergy to most forms of birth control made her a great candidate to end up filled with babies. Victoria’s friends all assured her she was looking great, a total knockout, a glowing fertility goddess! She had to admit, though, that with a river of hormones coursing through her body, it wasn’t going to take much tonight to get her naked and in bed. She had always been a bit of an easy lay, if she was being honest with herself. I mean, she’s gotten super pregnant somehow, right?

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