preggofetish: “What a brilliant idea!”, Olivi…


“What a brilliant idea!”, Olivia thought to herself. Her modeling career had hit a skid and she had been racking her brain, trying to find some way to keep working, to keep being noticed. Finally, one day, it hit her like a bolt of lightning; I could be a maternity modeling! I’ve seen those women, and all I’m missing is the baby bump! She had her plan, the only problem being that she was single and childless. After some more thought, she hit inspiration once more. Now, months later, she was cradling a beautiful belly on set, getting tons of work and compliments for her pregnancy glow and the curves she had grown. What made it all sweeter was that she was getting paid to carry these twin boys for an infertile couple, easily finding work as a surrogate breeder. She had no problem finding plenty of couples that were baby crazy, so she knew she’d be a surrogate until she chose to stop, and her spot as the queen of maternity modeling was set.

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