preggofetish: “What can I say?,” she giggled,…


“What can I say?,” she giggled, “Guess I just have plenty of team spirit!” It looks like Jessalynn’s overflowing team spirit and bubbly personality had led her down the path of being the school slut, spreading her legs for plenty of studs over the months. It’s not like it was hard, she was a cute young teen who dressed like a tramp and flirted nonstop. What she hadn’t planned on, though, was a positive pregnancy test and a swelling belly bulging out of her outfits. She hadn’t changed a thing, though, letting her increased sex drive lead her to dress more scantily, and to act even sluttier. She loved her new preggo bod, and all the boys seemed to enjoy it to. She had even spent some time convincing the cheer coach that he should let her stay on the team until she pops, and all she had to do was get a warm load inside her and promise him he’d get a shot at making her belly swell next year, a promise she was all too happy to make.