preggofetish: “What have I gotten myself into…


“What have I gotten myself into?,” she wondered out loud, “or what’s gotten into me?” As her hands gingerly rubbed her belly, feeling small, gentle kicks and squirms from inside her womb, Melody’s mind wandered back to her agreement to become a surrogate for her sister and her husband. They’d had trouble conceiving, and with his high salary, they offered to pay for her college tuition if she would carry their child. She had agreed happily, but now she was getting concerned. “This is weird for just a four months, right?’” she had pleaded with her doctor. Sure enough, the standard fertility meds had made her system go into overdrive, and she had ended up pregnant with quintuplets! Five healthy heartbeats and five babies growing to be huge, even by single child standards. Her sister and brother-in-law were thrilled, she was to stay in their spacious estate, so really the only issue was Melody and the babies’ health and comfort. Her doctor knew what he was doing though, and promptly prescribed her plenty of bedrest, big, delicious meals anytime she wanted, and as much sex and masturbation as she desired. “Well, when you put it like that, maybe a girl could get used to this…,” Melody whispered, a glowing smile cracking over her now-maternal face.