theredghost: Mary had one more year of living…


Mary had one more year of living at college to get through. And almost every morning she tried to relieve her sexual tension by masturbating. She was an early riser, so even with roommates, she only had to settle down under a cozy blanket in the common room and finger herself until the others woke up. A shower always gave her the perfect opportunity to clean up afterwards.

None of them noticed the look on her face, the damp panties she filed away day after day, or that there was all of this porn on her laptop that helped her out.

Mary would watch all of this pregnancy stuff and knew she wanted a belly eventually. Well, that came a few years too early. She found herself knocked up and growing fast. She found a couple that would take the baby so her folks weren’t too upset. Mary promised a mistake like that wouldn’t happen again.

By next semester she was full term and horny from sunrise to sunset, she was living her fetish after all. But there was a new problem. One of her roommates had a boyfriend who would sleep on an air mattress in the common room. Where would she masturbate now?

Well occasionally, right after she woke up, smiling at her full swollen tits and beneath them a tight pregnant bump, she would pull her legs up, throw the entire blanket over herself, and desperately try to reach around her belly. Her phone provided the porn, all the girls knocked up like her, Mary was paranoid that her sleeping roommate whose bed was on the opposite wall not four feet from her, would find out. But it continued like this, day after day, until she gave birth.


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